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Establishment of radio mandatory zones (RMZ)

Changes to the airspace structure with effect from 11 DEC 2014.

1. Background

AIC VFR 01/14 informed about the planned establishment of radio mandatory zones (RMZ) at the 21 uncontrolled aerodromes with IFR flight operations (to replace the airspace F model). The new airspace element 'RMZ' is located completely in airspace G and extends from GND to 1000 ft AGL. In this context, the airspace Class E above will be lowered locally to 1000 ft AGL (unless this has already been the case, see figure below).

2. Regulations for RMZ

In addition to compliance with visual flight rules for airspace Class G, the following regulations shall apply to the RMZ: Before entering an RMZ, an initial call containing the following information shall be made on the relevant specified frequency (here the relevant INFO frequency of the IFR aerodrome):

– Designation of the station being called,
– Call sign and type of aircraft,
– Position, level and flight intentions.


The respective RMZ frequency is published on ICAO Chart 1:500 000 and in the aeronautical information publication. During the flight within the RMZ, aircraft shall maintain constant listening watch. Aircraft shall also report leaving the RMZ. If the called station (aeronautical station) does not answer, the flight through the RMZ may still be continued as long as listening watch is maintained. Radiotelephony reports shall be made even if the aeronautical station does not answer. In addition to receiving specific traffic information from the information unit of the aerodrome, pilots flying in this airspace area will also obtain direct information about other traffic from the individual messages. Phraseology for the RMZ will be published in the aeronautical information publication.


The competent aeronautical authorities of the German Federal State (Länder) can lay down local exemptions (e.g. for VFR aerodromes or recreational airfields located within the RMZ).

3. Changes to the airspace structure (RMZ plus airspace E) with effect from 11 DEC 2014

In the vicinity of the aerodromes listed below, the airspace structure will be changed as follows with effect from 11 DEC 2014: a) Discontinuation of airspace F b) Establishment of an RMZ from GND to 1000 ft AGL

AIC VFR 03 27 NOV 14 from DFS (size 22 MB)